fire6Silkweed is known and loved for historically themed, hauntingly insightful performances.

Using original compositions, rare archival images, poetry and narrative, the ensemble takes its audiences back to important and fascinating events in Tasmania’s past.

FIRE recalls the catastrophic fires of 1967, moving smoothly and soulfully through to the present day and the impact of climate change.

The music encompasses violin, cello, keyboard, flute, banjo, accordion and voice. It is lovingly shaped into electronic soundscapes, soaring improvisations and gentle acoustic songs to tell a deeply intimate tale of loss in a world drained of colour.

An immersive, dramatic and moving narrative brought to life through historical records, memory and anecdote.

“I was eleven. I knew everything. But nature lifted me up to heaven, filled me with the shining beauty of the natural world and then let me fall down hard to the ash-filled earth. A thick black line was drawn under childhood.”

Writers: Marjorie Gadd and Erin Collins
Composers: Marjorie Gadd, Erin Collins and Susan McGowan
Performers and Visuals: Anna Spinaze, Steve Gadd, Dave McNamara and Michael Thomsen
Contemporary photographs: Rob Blakers

Background image: Rob Blakers