Anna SpinazeAnna completed B.Music Hons in performance and musicology (UTas) in 1995. She freelanced professionally for a number of years a great strength being her ability to improvise and perform in a variety of styles including classical, contemporary and folk.

As a young classical cellist, Anna toured internationally with the Australian Youth Orchestra.

Anna has performed locally, nationally and internationally as both instrumentalist and vocalist; with numerous groups in various styles, most recently including Kazakstan Kowgirls and Recherche Baybes as well as Silkweed; and is regularly called upon as a session cellist as well as for festivals and benefits.

Performances 1994-2005 include

• Support for Carinda Christie at the Franklin Palais
• Cygnet Folk Festival 1998-2005 inclusive (various bands, including Silkweed)
• National Folk Festival 1997 (Bandecoute) and 2005 (Kazakstan Kowgirls)
• Tamar Valley Folk Festival 1996 (Bandecoute)
• Franklin Apple Harvest Festival 2003

Musically, Anna loves accommodating and accompanying other peoples’ flights of fancy, whether through low cello drones, atmospheric noises, or melodic harmony.