Susan McGowanA graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Susan has worked in numerous musical ensembles, currently including “Zanuba” a Middle Eastern quintet and “Silkweed”, and has performed in numerous commercial venues and at music festivals around the country.

Susan has worked with Erin in a multitude of ventures over the past 15 years. She is a professional music teacher and has also completed a music production course at Southern Cross University.

Susan also spent over ten years as the resident musician in a Playback theatre ensemble in NSW.

Music Theatre
1977 “Solzhenitsyn” Student Piece co-written with conservatorium students
1991 Composer and musician “Off Limits” by Julia Nolan
1992 Composer and musician “Wind in the Willows” adapted for outdoor performance at the Bellingen Butter factory

Music and Dance

* 2001 – 2004 Musician and composer in “Zanuba” World Dance and music troupe.
Entertainment for corporate conferences in northern NSW
* 2003 Composer and musician for the show “Extremities” as part of Bellingen Flamenco festival
* Musician 1995 – 2000 “The Brolga Trio” Weddings, parties, funerals, community functions.
* Musician 2000 - 2005 “Ibis” Folk group played at many music festivals including Maleny (Woodford), The National Folk Festival, Bellingen Global Carnival, Port Fairy and the Adelaide Fringe.
* Musician 2000 - 2005 “Connextion” Trio performing for -weddings, parties, funerals, community functions etc.
* Musician/Composer 1987-1989 “Pamphlets” Musical Cabaret group
* Musician/Composer 1989 “Moon Muses” music/dance and art display with Erin Collins, Caroline Muller, Kym Pitman Ellen and visual artists.
* Musician/Composer 2000 - 2005 “Silkweed” Multi media instrumental/vocal group

Professional Recordings Include;

* "Same River Same Song" with Kym Pitman and Ibis
* "Woman of the Moon" with Kym Pitman
* "Moon Muses" with Erin Collins