Silkweed Presents

FIRE - An immersive, dramatic and moving narrative brought to life through historical records, memory and anecdote.

Fire - About the show

Review by Dr Maree-rose Jones


Silkweed has woven a garment of stories it feels safe to wear for those who remember the terrifying 1967 Tasmanian bushfires

Silkweed artfully performed an evocative musical account on the 50th anniversary of a significant historic Australian disaster. 

Its harsh memories sit like stones in the heart of many Tasmanian people, and will do so as lived memory for another fifty to 60 years. "Fire" turns some of these stones, and from the ashes of memory they created a compassionate account, full of pathos and at times highly amusing, witty humour!

If ‘sensitive’ can mean demonstrating compassion towards the attitudes, feelings, of local community and its needs, "Fire" and its delivery by Silkweed is remarkably sensitive. No one wants their audience to go home with triggered flashbacks or PTS, but this seems unlikely with "Fire” given the careful balanced approach taken to storytelling and visual curation.

It's actually a very healing programme to view. Who would have thought someone could ever make us smile thinking of that soul-destroying day, and soothe us with such well timed sensitive 'musical word painting'? 

Review by Dr Maree-rose Jones, PhD, USYD, A Study of Cultural practice 1827-1857, in Van Diemen's Land.